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Trauma and Money

Join our Trauma and Money programs to transforms your or your client's financial futures. Whether you are a professional helping others or an individual seeking personal growth, our courses offer the knowledge and tools you need for financial empowerment.

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Trauma and money

Trauma & Money - for Professionals

Unlock the profound connection between trauma and financial behaviour in our groundbreaking course, Trauma and Money - for Professionals. Designed for therapists, financial advisors, social workers, and other professionals, this course delves into how traumatic experiences can shape financial decisions and economic stability. Participants will gain critical insights into the psychological impact of trauma on money management, explore therapeutic approaches for addressing these issues, and learn strategies to support clients in achieving financial wellbeing. Enhance your professional toolkit with evidence-based practices and become adept at fostering resilience and financial empowerment in those affected by trauma. Join us to make a transformative difference in your practice and your clients' lives.

trauma and money course

Trauma & Money - for Individuals 

Discover the hidden link between your past experiences and your financial habits in our empowering course, Trauma and Money - for Individuals. This course is tailored for anyone seeking to understand how trauma can influence financial decisions and impact economic stability. Through guided exercises, expert insights, and practical tools, you'll learn to recognise and address the emotional triggers affecting your money management.

Gain the knowledge to break free from harmful financial patterns, build resilience, and foster a healthier relationship with your finances. Take control of your financial future and embark on a journey toward financial wellbeing and empowerment. Join us to transform your financial life by healing the past.

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