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Financial Wellbeing Company

Going beyond just financial literacy, empower your people to be more financially capable and empowered.

With our broad range of courses. 

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financial literacy

Financial Education

We focus on financial wellbeing and capability for employees because we know that this is essential capability for your people.

We understand education in the workplace and know how to make a difference - we are working hard to change the lives of employees by empowering change.

Our financial wellbeing courses and programs have been designed to understand our unique psychology and behaviours to better manage finances, improve financial decision making and enhance financial wellness and overall mental health.



Financial Literacy

We offer a range of workshops, seminars and programs designed to support your staff towards greater financial wellness whilst boosting engagement, driving retention and improving employee experience.


Delivered either in person or online, our programs can be customised to suit the needs and scale of your organisation. Browse some of our core seminar topics

financial literacy
financial capability

Financial Capability

We work with your workforce that promote financial wellbeing in clients and customers. Providing the latest in evidence based, trauma informed financial wellbeing models that support your staff to delivered improved financial outcomes for the people they serves.

We work with you to develop bespoke programs and services. 


Financial Wellbeing or Wellness

Take financial wellbeing to the next level with one-on-one coaching for your employees with one of our expert coaches.


Diving deeper into their financial wellness journey with support, accountability and improved mindset.

financial wellbeing
economic empowerement

Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment is improving the attitudes, behaviours, beliefs, triggers, recovery from financial trauma, resilience and psychological wellbeing in order to take more control over our economic lives.

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