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Transforming Financial Wellbeing

Innovative learning solutions and programs for businesses, people and communities

Capabilite - Financial Wellbeing
employee financial wellbeing

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Reduce financial stress in your business by building an employee financial wellbeing program

Designed to create lasting change for your employees and reduce financial stress in your business, our solutions make a measurable difference.


Financially stressed employees impact your business. Our evidence based solutions will boost engagement, reduce time to hire and help make you an employer of choice.

Our solutions are powered by behavioural thinking and psychological understanding.

Financial Wellbeing

Our solutions are available to you, regardless of your employment status.

We provide you with the tools and knowledge to improve your financial wellbeing and reduce financial stress - at your own pace.

Online learning using our Capabilite platform, coaching or join us at one of our in-person events.

Workforce Capability

We are Australia's leading providers of financial wellbeing training and development, trauma informed, we provide the tools to make a difference to the people your team work with.

Off the shelf and bespoke programs available for your workforce. Financial wellbeing training will have a positive impact on the community you serve. 

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Financial Wellbeing
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Financial Wellbeing Company
financial wellbeing company

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financial wellbeing company
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Capabilite - Financial Wellbeing
Leading the way with online financial wellbeing education and tools.

Our programs and training are designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to take control of your finances and improve your financial wellbeing with confidence.

150+ hours of financial wellbeing courses & resources available on demand 24/7 on our Capabilite learning management system.

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